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1. I have been examined by a licensed physician within the past six months and have been found by such physician to be in good physical health and fully able to perform all Yoga exercises which I am to learn and perform during my enrollment with you. If I haven’t been to a physician, I take full responsibility for my physical health. 2. I understand that the room temperature can exceed 105 degrees Fahrenheit with over 50% humidity. 3. I will faithfully follow all instructions given to me by you and your instructions as to when, where and how to perform and not to perform Yoga exercises, it being understood that any deviation by me from such instructions shall be at my own risk. 4. I will not hold you, your partners, instructors or employees responsible for any injuries suffered by me caused in whole or in part by my failure to faithfully follow the instructions of you or your instructors or by any physical impairment of mine not fully disclosed to you in writing. 5. I understand and acknowledge that I am to receive instruction in Yoga theory and exercises only, and I will not hold you, your partners, instructors or employees to any higher standard of care than that applicable to the school of Yoga theory and exercises. 6. In consideration of using all facilities at 8302 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209 and 106 Montague St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, I agree to assume full responsibility of any risks, injuries or damage, known or unknown, which might occur as a result of using any and all facilities. 7. The tuition paid herewith and such registration fees paid hereafter are non-refundable and non-transferable; such refunds if any, as are made shall be entirely within the discretion of the owner. 8. I agree that the terms and representations as expressed in the Registration/Waiver form shall remain in place for my entire tenure as a student with Bikram Yoga Brooklyn. If a change in circumstance(s) occurs, I agree that it is my responsibility to notify Bikram Yoga Brooklyn in writing. 9. I understand that any yoga package I purchase has an expiration date and extensions will not be granted. Therefore, classes not used within the set usage period will be lost.
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